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ARISE Responds to Questions Regarding Follensby Tract Easement

June 7, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

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ARISE Chairman Jim LaValley responds to comments related to a story aired today on North Country Public Radio (NCPR)  regarding the right of a private land owner to access their land-locked property via an existing easement on an existing logging road. Click here to hear & read the original story on NCPR.

Here is the anonymous comment:

Your headline for this article is a little off the mark. The ACR developer is the one who initiated this issue not TNC. Keep in mind that Mr LaValley, a real estate broker is also a business partner of Tom Lawson who is the only known investor in the ACR. Some other points of interest: ACR doesn’t even own the land they are seeking to develop, they only have an option to purchase. The parcel in question can easily be accessed via the Raquett River where it has hundreds of feet of frontage.
Here is the ARISE response:
Jim LaValley

It is a fact that I am a close, personal friend of Tom Lawson, and proud to be associated with him. Mr. Lawson has demonstrated his interest in Tupper Lake, by not only having a summer place on the lake, but by also investing in the community – as a commercial property owner, as a donor of The Wild Center, Next Stop Tupper Lake, the Adirondack Public Observatory, etc. He has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to various groups, organizations, and businesses in Tupper Lake. He believes so strongly in the community of Tupper Lake, that he wanted to be a part of the Adirondack Club, to make sure the project would benefit the residents.

While true the ACR does not own the Oval Wood Dish lands, yet, they are the Contract Vendee. They do own the 600 acre ski area, and the marina. To date they have invested nearly $10M in the project, which by most standards is a significant investment.

The parcel in question is known as the Moody Pond tract, a parcel that is approx. 1400 acres. The ACR is proposing one dwelling on this 1400 acres, with no further subdivision allowed. There is a gravel road that travels from Lake Simon Road and must cross the Follensby Road in order to access the Moody Pond parcel. This 50×400 foot section of road is owned by the Nature Conservancy, and is approx. 3 miles north of the main 15,000 acre portion. This road has been used by logging trucks and hunting camps.

It is not reasonable to think that the future owner of the Moody Pond tract would use the river as their main access. There are way too many months that the river cannot be used, and if the future owner has children that become part of our school system, is it reasonable to ask that they paddle across the river? Or, is it more reasonable to drive over a pre-existing road.

ARISE supports the need for economic development in our area. When many areas are working hard at attracting economic investors, Tupper Lake has one by way of the ACR. We don’t believe that the ACR is the only answer, but they are a great quarterback to build a team around.

Tupper Lake is at a very dangerous tipping point, and I would encourage and invite any of your listeners to come with me to visit area business owners, and those employed by the public sector. There is fear and concern about their future. From my vantage point, I see private investors willing to take the risk and invest in our future. Those who may be opposed have not shown the same willingness.

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