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Members of ARISE include business people, elected officials, organizations, and individuals who support the need for a vibrant economy. Our members believe that while it is important to protect the natural environment, it is equally important to promote and protect the economic environment.

We are focused on ways to promote and support existing businesses, while developing new ideas that will encourage new business investment. And while studies have shown a strengthening in visitors to our area, there is a continuation of concerns that need greater attention. Some of these concerns include –

  • Populations continue to decrease within the Park
  • Property taxes are rising at exponential rates
  • Energy costs are beyond many Park residents ability to pay
  • Dependency on government employment continues to rise, with no guarantee that they will continue
  • Housing has become less affordable
  • A shortage of seasonal employees that put a strain on existing business owners.
  • Young people have little choice but to leave the area for employment

ARISE supports economic growth within the community of Tupper Lake, while respecting the natural resources that make our area unique. This includes tourism, manufacturing, the second home industry, and the service industry.

Investment looks for opportunity and the objective of ARISE is to not only support community economic development, but to develop more opportunities for investment.