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ARISE Press Release

January 12, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

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Tupper Lake – ARISE held its first meeting for 2010, on Wednesday, January 6th, and discussed the continued challenges that local businesses are facing.   ARISE President Jim LaValley stated that, “it is encouraging that  New York State Governor David Paterson has acknowledged the need to stimulate the economy, and in order to help accomplish that, special interest groups must remove themselves from interfering with the  regulatory review processes .”

The ARISE Board of Directors have been supportive of the Adirondack Club proposed in Tupper Lake,  because of the significant and positive impact that it will have on the area economy.  “The Adirondack Club is the perfect fit, at the perfect time,”  LaValley said.  “This project easily meets the density guidelines put forth by the Adirondack Park Agency, and it will provide much needed work to area residents, provide a much larger tax base, stabilize existing businesses, create new businesses, while enhancing the existing natural resources in the area.  The ACR investors are currently fast tracking their efforts to get the final pieces of information to the APA, which is encouraging news during such challenging times.”

At Wednesday’s meeting it was noted that some of the special interest groups that are opposed to the Adirondack Club project, have been publishing fund raising letters with a self-serving interest.  “When these special interest groups imply that the Adirondack Club must work with them in order to achieve approval for the project, the staff at the Adirondack Park Agency and other regulatory agencies should be upset that their efforts are being second guessed,”  LaValley said.  “ARISE encourages those groups and individuals who are opposed to the ACR project, to stop hiding behind false reasons, and allow the Adirondack Park Agency to do its proper review, in a timely manner.”

Furthermore, as explained by ARISE Board member Jim Ellis, “The Town of Tupper Lake has planned for the ACR since 1990.  In that year the Town adopted the Tupper Lake Land Use Plan during my service as Planning Board Chairman.  The planning board spent two years, working with the APA Planning Staff, Jim Hotaling, John Banta and Rick Hoffman, to ‘collapse’ building density from back country areas to places within the Town that could be serviced by existing water, sewer and electric lines.”  Ellis went on to add that,  “the area in which the ACR will be located was selected as one of the higher priority development zones just for such reasons.  We did our due diligence in 1989 and 1990 and have been awaiting the time when such bold, pioneering planning efforts could bear real economic fruit.  Now there are special interest groups that are ready to throw us to the wolves of radical environmentalism for thirty pieces of silver and a community that would be impoverished by their selfish fund raising, when they told us they would support these land use plans.  The general membership and directors of these groups need to understand how they are hurting the  people of Tupper Lake, and the surrounding area, and how difficult it must be for them to look into the eyes of the local business owners and residents!”

The ARISE Board of Directors noted that if the special interest groups allow the Adirondack Park Agency to do their job, the processes and ultimate approval would be delivered in a timely manner.  ARISE is a not for profit organization focused on improving the area economy, while balancing the natural resource issues.  More information about ARISE can be found at

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