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ARISE responds to PROTECT the Adirondacks fund raising effort to kill the Adirondack Club and Resort and end skiing at Big Tupper

March 10, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

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March 10, 2011
For Immediate Release
Jim LaValley / 518-359-9440
David Tomberlin / 518-359-5280

TUPPER LAKE – ARISE of Northern New York today responded to Protect the Adirondacks! announcement of receiving a $15,000 1 to 1 matching grant to help them meet the costs of the upcoming adjudicatory hearing ordered by the Adirondack Park Agency.

In a web announcement from Protect, Co-chairs Bob Harrison, Chuck Clusen, and Lorraine Duvall stated that, “Our ability to shape the outcome of the Adjudicatory Hearing will depend directly on the amount of participation we can afford and the number and quality of expert witnesses we can hire.  To do this job right we will need over $100,000!  We need your financial support to reach this goal.”

The three members stated in the announcement that they are, “a leader in the fight to prevent the proposed Adirondack Club and Resort in Tupper Lake from doing irreparable harm to the environment and economy of the Adirondack Park. With your help PROTECT can win this fight.”

ARISE Chairman Jim LaValley said that “everyone in the Adirondacks should take note of this action. This clearly shows the lengths to which PROTECT will go to kill this project and do further damage to the Adirondack economy. I’m wondering if they will attack Mr. Lussi’s hotel project with the same approach. They are not interested in balance. They are only interested in using this as a fundraising mechanism for their own financial stability. All at the expense of the people of Tupper Lake and the Adirondack Park.”

The grant was given by Prospect Hill Foundation of New York City. The Foundation was established in New York in 1959 by the late Elizabeth G. Beinecke and William S. Beinecke, then President and now the retired Chairman of the Sperry and Hutchinson Company. The Foundation supports the philanthropic interests and activities of Beinecke family members through sponsored grants mainly in the northeastern United States.

The three PROTECT members went on to say that “Donations of any amount are welcome.  We need your help now to protect the Adirondacks. PROTECT believes that the project is an economic house of cards that will place local taxpayers at severe risk, which is unlikely to result in significant job creation.”  The announcement did not include evidence or data to support this claim.

ARISE Board member David Tomberlin added, “PROTECT needs to look in the mirror before questioning the ACR’s business plan and opinions of residents, local government and business leaders.  They are hardly in a position to be giving financial advice.  In addition to local businesses, residents, and seasonal visitors, we have been notified that resolutions and letters have been submitted supporting the ACR from our Local, County & State representatives, many regional Towns, Villages, Chambers, Civic Organizations, adjoining land owners on Lake Simond Road & Litchfield Park.  These will all be submitted at the APA hearing on March 16th.”

LaValley added “this continues to demonstrate the arrogance and belief by groups like PROTECT, that they feel they are so much more qualified than the Adirondack Park Agency and the Dept. of Environmental Conservation to make decisions in the Park.”

A legislative hearing on the Adirondack Club is scheduled for Wednesday, March 16th at 3:30 and 7pm at the LP Quinn Elementary School in Tupper Lake.

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