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Questions on the ACR from Brad…

February 10, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

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Hi Brad,

Thank you so much for your recent comment. We’ve responded to your questions below:

I can’t make it this weekend but could someone ask Mr. Foxman and Lawson what the real story is on the start of the hearing?

The fact is, when the ACR investors finished with the mediation process, there were modifications made to the overall plan. These were changes that some of the environmental organizations were recommending. As a result, the Adirondack Park Agency Project Review Officer determined that those modifications were going to require some additional engineering. The amount of information they are now requiring, will take approximately 60 days to compile and submit to the APA. The project investors are using the LA Group to prepare the information, and they have one person who is focusing solely on these items. Once the APA feels satisfied, a pre-hearing conference will be held by the Administrative Law Judge who oversees the Adjudicatory Hearing. He will outline what will occur during the hearing. If all goes well, the pre-hearing conference will take place in April or May. The ALJ will then establish the start date for the Adjudicatory Hearing.

The TL Free Press in Dec and Jan had articles stating that the ACR was full speed ahead getting ready. The the ADE has an article where Mr. Foxman said they may get the required materials to the APA by April or May. I’d like to see the project go as much as anyone but I’m getting a little skeptical/nervous about the developers committment to the project.

After nearly 7 years of working on the project, the investors have never been more committed than they are now. There is a feeling that the APA is anxious to review the project, as they recognize the economic benefit, at a most challenging time. We would expect that there will be some meaningful steps forward during 2010.

And is there any truth to the rumors about all the snowmaking equipment being sold off last fall?

That is true. When ARISE undertook the re-opening of the ski area, they decided to rely on mother nature. There were two reasons for this decision – first, ARISE is all volunteers with little to no money. This would be labor intensive and costly. Second, ARISE needed to get a temporary operating permit from the APA, and any use of snowmaking would have held up the issuance of a permit. So, the ACR investors were approached by another ski area to purchase most of the ski making equipment. They agreed as most of the equipment is already 15+ years old, and once the resort is approved, they will be investing in newer/greener snowmaking equipment.

Thanks for your interest, and know that the approval of the resort is getting much closer!

ARISE of Northern New York

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