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Decide for Yourself – by Michael Foxman and Tom Lawson

December 5, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

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Note:  This is a letter written by Michael Foxman & Tom Lawson, developers of the Adirondack Club & Resort.

Reading one of Brian Houseal’s last letters, professing support for the community and economic development, makes us wonder how he could have written it. How can he possibly ask people to believe him and ignore what their eyes tell them?

His suggestion that the Council supports development sounds wonderful until you think about it. What he really is saying is that it supports development if the development meets his definition of “protecting the environment.” Unfortunately for the people of the Park, nothing meets his definition.

If, as he says, the Adirondack Council understands the economic challenges Park residents face, why does it oppose everything that might help them? His statements remind us of a high school girl saying, “I like you, but.” He shares your pain, but he opposes everything that might help you. He, like the girl, is telling you to get lost.

From the time we first became involved with the ACR, we have said that all people had to do to evaluate the ACR was use their common sense. It is not nuclear physics. The questions are simple. We ask your readers to read each of the following questions, write the first word that comes to mind in the space after the question mark and then sit back and think about what they have concluded.

Is a recreational resort that will reopen Big Tupper, create jobs and lower people’s taxes good for the community? ______________________________________________________________

If a recreational resort is not appropriate for the Park, what is? ______________________________________________________________

Should people be allowed to live and work in the Park? ______________________________________________________________

Should people be able to use the land they own for the purposes permitted by law? ______________________________________________________________

Should the local residents have a voice in what happens in their own communities? ______________________________________________________________

Are the paid lobbyists who oppose development in the Park smarter than the Park residents, local government, the state agencies and local civic groups?

Who will attempt development in the Park in the future if the ACR is stopped? ______________________________________________________________

What will happen to Park residents if there is no more development? ______________________________________________________________

Have the preservationist groups ever supported anything that would improve the economic welfare of Park residents?

Who benefits if the ACR project is stopped?

If the preservationists stop private development, what is their next target? ______________________________________________________________

We could criticize Mr. Houseal and the other professional preservationists for hours on end and recite the many things that have occurred that have convinced us that their only goal is to prevent economic development in the Park because they want people out of the Park. It might be satisfying, but like his letter, it would just be more chatter.

Instead, we ask your readers to look at their answers to the questions above, talk to their friends and relatives in Tupper Lake and elsewhere in the Park, and think about what they have read in the newspapers and seen on TV. If they can find the time, we suggest that they drive to Tupper Lake and look for themselves. Visit the ACR site. See that the site is in a developed area, not backcountry; that it adjoins a 3,700-person village; and that the woods have been very heavily logged for more than 100 years. Notice the existing ski area and golf course and the adjoining residential developments and motels. See that a paved public road goes right to the ski lodge in the heart of the property. If they know people in government, ask about Mr. Houseal’s constant lobbying at the APA, DEC, village and other organizations. Stop at the town hall and ask about the ACR. If a reader knows anyone at the Adirondack Economic Development Corporation, he or she might ask about Mr. Houseal delaying AEDC participation in the federal EB-5 program that is designed to bring investment and jobs to rural areas. Those things will help your readers make informed judgments without relying on Mr. Houseal or us.

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